Friday, February 15, 2008


"Gettin Old"
by:Betty Frost

There's a truth that could be told;
I think I must be gettin old !
My body gets to slowin down
It kinda makes me wanna frown !
But then again I tell it "NO !"
That's not the way that I should go !
I dress me up; Put on a smile-
Know God's with me all the while !
Cheer up a friend that's worse than me !
This joy it seems to be the key.
But some times when I talk away-
Forget the words I wanna say-
I trust in God; In him I find
He gives me help and peace of mind.
I love my life and must confess,
Don't wanna be a hopeless mess !
When you look at me what do you see?
I hope, some love and joy in me !
Gettin old need not be so bad -
Keep lookin up ! And don't be sad !
There's a better place just up ahead,
And a body new we'll get instead !
Nuf said !

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