Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rescued Pup !!!

This little guy showed up at my moms house this last summer while my mom was pulling some weeds and started snarling at her. Well mom was not sure what to think, she could tell that he was just a pup. She started talking to him in a soft voice as she keep pulling weeds not paying to much attention to him. All of a sudden he was at her side licking her arm. Well we all know what happened next she took him inside to find him something to eat!!! And then she noticed he was just full of ticks!!! She worked and worked trying to get as many of those nasty critters off of this poor little pup. She did what she could and the next day took him to the vet to have the vet check him out and get the rest of the ticks off.
I remember my mom telling me earlier when I spoke to her on the phone that if she was to have another dog the Lord would have to bring one to her !!! Well as I always have said "be careful what you ask for" :)

I must say that when I was back to Mo. to visit her in Nov. of 2008 that this little fellow was just what she needed. I guess one never knows what might stroll into our lives. :)


wildthymeoriginals said...

Aww... what a cutie! Bless your Mom for taking that wee one in!

Laura Lynn said...

That is just the sweetest story!!