Sunday, May 3, 2009


What is it with our love for our cars? I was looking through some old photos and found so many pictures of family members and so many of them were taken beside their cars. Well I know for myself I would love to have a few of those old cars today, such character much like old homes...
I would much rather own an old home than a new one these days.
I will have to show on one of my BLOGS in the future the house that we did a total fixer on that was built in 1919.

I love this one of my dad in our pink 58 Mercury!!! Those were the days!!!
My uncle Ellis with his car ~~~
Mu hubby as a child ~~~
My dad ~~~
My sisterinlaw Cathy and I ~~~
My mom dad and I~~~


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ginger said...

Hi Bonnie,

I like your car photo essay. Really interesting. We have car photos too. I guess it's such a massive investment, people enjoyed them and having their photos made. It's great to see the older photos and the styles - what was everyday to them, is now fascinating to us looking back.