Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As most of you know we have made a move back to California closer to our kids and family. It has been a month now and finally I do have my studio finished. I know when I start working I will probably move things around again. :)

 It seems no matter how many times a person moves you find things that bring back "Memories". As I was putting away my cookbooks I came across some of my Grandmothers Cook Books ~~ They really did bring a smile to my face and many thoughts of the past..In this very fast and frantic world we live in sometimes it would be so nice just to go back just once in awhile. :)

Now these clips below where very interesting especially since my husband does most of the cooking now !!!
I do the baking because that seems to be my specialty~~~


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Kays Kids said...

Bonnie, I love those cook books. I have my Mothers and on the chocolate page it is all dusty with cocoa powder. I wouldn't alter it for the world. what special memories they hold