Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simple Pleasures !!!

This is a photo I took on our trip to San Fransisco on the Fairy. I am always amazed by so much beauty in the world. Every once in awhile it is so nice to just focus on that (Beauty) !!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

 As for me I will be working on a few orders, and hopefully very soon I will have a few new ones on my web site for sale again. :)

Big Hugs,


ginger@bearbits said...

Lovely photo. My husband says I have to see San Franscisco sometime. I want to! Your photo makes me think it is warm there now. Surely it is??? It's cold here so I hope you are well and continue to enjoy your sojourns!


kay Schulz said...

What a wonderful photo. It look so peaceful.
Hugs from down under

Language Friendly said...

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