Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Special Gifts~~

A few housewarming gifts for our new home !!! My motherinlaw has great taste !!! A nice baking dish that I just had to test out. It also has a lid that matches. And the fruit lights and candle. I do love candles !!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Day !!!

I know I know, when are you going to get back to work girly? Well as an artist one has much thinking to do to come up with that very special project.  :) Since I have been working so hard on the house and this move I guess I needed a wee little break. It's so nice to be back where I can see my kids once in awhile so when I have a chance to spend a little time with them I just say what the heck I will work later. :)

My daughter Kim was here on Mon. and brought little "Cooper" with her. We hung around here for awhile and then took off to the outdoor mall up the road. We had lunch and just wandered around enjoying the wonderful day!!!

Cooper checking out the place.

Sophie not so sure about this funny dog in her house. :)

Always lot's of hugs.

Hoping to get a little treat from our lunch...

On our way home !!! Just toooo much for this little one, this shopping stuff. :)

What a face !!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Afternoon Outing~~~

We have not had much time lately to explore much but we took a little break and went up the road just ten miles to Roseville, right outside of Sacramento to a very nice outdoors shopping center. We had to pick up some of our special coffee so we thought we could check things out....

The center is called "The Fountains"


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to catch you up on my progress on what has been going on with getting things put away and organized. I do have my studio finished and almost done with the house except for a few things I can't seem to find.

The studio before and after photos ~~~



Yay!!! Atleast it is better than it was. I am sure I will change things around more as I start working but this is good for now...

Thanks for looking !!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


 As we all know it is as hard on animals as it is on adults when something in our lives changes. Sophie follows me everywhere I go when putting things away etc. She gets locked in the bedroom by mistake, she goes into a closet and lays down~~~ Awww poor Sophie !!!
It's very tiring wandering around after me all day. :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As most of you know we have made a move back to California closer to our kids and family. It has been a month now and finally I do have my studio finished. I know when I start working I will probably move things around again. :)

 It seems no matter how many times a person moves you find things that bring back "Memories". As I was putting away my cookbooks I came across some of my Grandmothers Cook Books ~~ They really did bring a smile to my face and many thoughts of the past..In this very fast and frantic world we live in sometimes it would be so nice just to go back just once in awhile. :)

Now these clips below where very interesting especially since my husband does most of the cooking now !!!
I do the baking because that seems to be my specialty~~~