Sunday, June 23, 2013

Napa Valley~~~

We took a little trip over to the Napa Valley for a little get away~~It is always nice just to unwind every once in awhile, and when you can go to the wonderful wine country with many many wineries to choose from to take a taste or two what more could you ask for? Well I guess it helps if you like wine. :0)
Oh and I can't forget about all of the great shops and places to eat as well.
Anyway I thought I would let you take a little trip to see some of the places we saw.

 One of the many side streets in Sonoma with shops and tasting rooms.
 Hubby at one of the wineries. (Chandon) in Yountville. One of my favorite towns.

 Wonderful bakery in Yountville~~
 Sonoma pet store~~
 What would you expect in the wine country~~ :0)
 Corey our wonderful server at "Napa Cellars"
 Winery in Sonoma..
 I loved this sign at a store in Sonoma~~:0)
 Candle store in Sonoma~~I love candles.

I hope you enjoyed being a part of our little trip~~

Friday, June 14, 2013


My newest little girls now up for adoption on my web site~~

Thanks for looking~~
Have a wonderful weekend and Fathers Day!!!